Wednesday, June 19, 2013

GLOWING!!!! Paper Bakery's Sketch Challenge #6 created by Juliana Michaels

     Hello and welcome to Krystal Klear Creations....  Today I have created a layout that is inspired by Paper Bakery's Sketch Challenge #6 created by Juliana Michaels.  When I seen this challenge sketch pop up in my email from 17turtles,  I just could not resist....  I knew exactly what I was going to do and what picture was perfect for it.  This challenge just spoke to me and I knew it had to be my 2nd challenge to enter.  So here it is.....

     Of course I added my own little touch of some fo stitching to my solid colored strips as well as around the entire background.  I also didn't stick with the three stars because I just felt a butterfly was in order for this layout ( my daughters shirt was covered in them ) ,  couldn't help myself.  I had so much fun with this layout and am so glad I finally scrapbooked this picture,  so Thank You Juliana for this sketch and inspiration.  I am really loving these challenges, they push me to craft more and give me courage to get out there in the blogging world.  Who knows maybe youtube videos will be in order soon???  Cute little story about this photo....  This is when I started to get into photography ( with my older camera ) over a year ago.  My daughter was my main client,  right here she is getting to think how she wants to pose for me, hmmmmmm....  One thing I have learned with working with kids, is to let them be creative while taking the photos.  This will make them more willing to do what you want as well because seriously what could be more fun than telling an adult how you want to take the picture.  Then they will have more fun with what you suggest as well because you listened to them too..  Well back to my daughter hehehe.  

     She is just GLOWING in this photo and I know it is not perfect in the Photography world but it is PERFECT to me!!  She now does not even have to think when I pull out my camera.  She has so many poses up her sleeve because she always loves to help Mom :)  Well thank you all for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed.  Please feel free to tell me what you think??

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